What Do Contractors Look For During Crawl Space Inspection?


A crawl space inspection is a vital part of any home’s maintenance. Often overlooked, this area of your house can quickly become the source of problems such as water damage, pest infestation, mold and mildew growth, and odors. If left unattended, these issues can progressively grow until they cause major repairs to your entire home.


Crawl space inspections are a must for any homeowner who has a basement or attic that is prone to flooding and other types of water damage. They should be a regular part of your house’s maintenance schedule, just like inspecting your roof or gutters.

What Do Contractors Look For During Crawl Space Inspection?


During a crawl space inspection, contractors look for problems such as plumbing and foundation leaks, foundation settling, and moisture-related issues. They also search for any signs of pests or other critters that might be hiding in the crawl space or attracted to stored goods and materials.


In addition to these things, they will check for any gaps or openings that might allow water into your crawl space. The inspectors will then recommend waterproofing solutions to remedy these problems and prevent them from recurring in the future.


The first step in the crawl space inspection process is to check the entry point of your home’s crawl space. This entrance needs to be a minimum of two feet wide and 18 inches tall.


If your crawl space’s entrance isn’t big enough to meet this requirement, you will fail the inspection and be required to pay for a widening. This can be a costly endeavor and may even require additional work to your property.


Another important factor in the crawl space inspection is to make sure your crawl space’s entry point meets legal requirements as well. This means that any nails or electrical wires are exposed will need to be covered and the area will need to be clear of debris.


Having your crawl space inspected by a professional is the only way to ensure that it’s in good condition. If you try to do the inspection on your own, it can be easy to overlook a serious problem that could cost you more money down the road.


Failing your crawl space inspection isn’t the end of the world, however. In fact, it’s actually a great opportunity to get any issues resolved before they become more severe.


A crawl space inspection should be performed on a regular basis, just like inspecting the attic, basement, or roof. It will help you avoid future damage and costly repair bills from occurring in the future.


The best time to have your crawl space inspected is during the springtime, as it won’t be too hot or too cold. You should also look for any unusual odors that are coming from your crawl space to determine whether they are a sign of deeper issues.


A crawl space inspection is a must for any homeowner who has sunk some money into their home. This is because the inspection will allow you to catch any problems before they have a chance to deteriorate and become more expensive to fix in the long run.

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